Meet the core Opendesk Team

Based in London - along Hackney’s ‘Maker Mile’ - we are a group of designers, makers, developers, and creative nuts who spend our time playing with plywood, writing code, and making plenty of noise with our mallets! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

We’re a tiny cog in the Opendesk machine and nothing without our contributing designers, global network of local makers and 200,000 strong community of enthusiasts. Together we’re working towards building the world’s most equitable and distributed supply chain - what we call Open Making.


I’ve had many a wine right now, but something like… ‘Aussie marketer abroad championing Vegemite, smashed avocado and other obnoxiously named breakfast foods.’


This guy is warm and fuzzy swiss-army-knife of talents: he’s a service designer, an advocate of user experience and part time tai chi monk.


Production Manager, interested in product analysis and development. Always looking to improve process, quality and output. Likes to design and make his own products, some available through Opendesk. He’s also busy collaborating with local makers.


Once dreamt of being a sculptor, now looking for the next generation of opendesk designers. Buy your way into her affections with black coffee and greek yoghurt.


French Digital Marketing Humanoïd person - Expert in coconut and interested in photography [remember to paste in Tinder description].


Since fleeing Ireland, Hugh took up Engineering, manufacturing, making, designing and a bit of everything. Sports enthusiast (all of them). Hughgly bad at social media, see for yourself!


(Written by Andreas) She has the skills of a robot but the touch of a human. She makes amazing brownies, she’s cracking jokes all the time. I think I might be in love with her…. omg


This Parametric CAD wizard dreams in algorithms and counts variations of Lean Desks instead of sheep. Harking from Portugal, he now heads up the CAD Engineering team at Opendesk.


A little too practical marketing Panda Bear that makes deadlines fun. She loves stickers, depressing movies and is an expert in buying birthday cards.


Creative, foodie, lover of the outdoors. In his spare time he delivers awesome Opendesk projects. Jon has skydived but would never bungee jump and lives by the mantra Friday’s are for dancing. Don’t try and talk to me about football…it’s embarrassing for both of us.


Deep-lying playmaker in the Pirlo mould (yeah, right). Design & creative lead, retired architect, keen east-londoner (likes bikes, bread & dabbles with beards). Would rather be in the workshop.


Devoted creative thinker, committed problem solver and self proclaimed open design pundit with an incurable addiction for creating things of interest.


Product and User experience enthusiast. Loves diving deep into datasets and research and when not doing the former she can normally be found on 2 wheels, drinking rum and eating avocado - not always at the same time.


Our smooth talking process obsessed Greek will take you from mild mannered hipster to open source aficionado in minutes… #wow #romanticnovelist


As Coordinator of projects at Opendesk, Will coordinates Opendesk projects and when he’s not coordinating (and sometimes whilst he is) he’s usually eating. If you need something coordinating (or eating) Will’s your man.


If you fancy working with us (or know someone who might be interested) - check out our jobs page