A different approach to design furniture

Designed to be downloaded and made locally, Opendesk furniture is fast, affordable, sustainable and made on demand, just for you.

Unique workspace environments

Companies are choosing, personalising and adapting Opendesk designs to suit their unique brand and environment.

  • Nike logo
  • Accenture Logo
  • Arup Logo
  • Etsy logo

“Opendesk is both a free open-source furniture showroom and an experiment in the possibilities of distributed manufacturing.”

“Open-sourced furniture whose designs can be downloaded, tweaked and then produced locally, anywhere in the world.”

“Through its digital platform, Opendesk sells products that can be downloaded and produced by makers anywhere in the world.”

“Opendesk is changing the way furniture is produced and moved, cutting out time-consuming and expensive shipping, showrooms and storage.”

“Opendesk is a little like GitHub, only instead of code, it offers furniture whose designs can be tweaked to individual specifications.”

A new model we call Open Making

Opendesk is built on a global community of designers and makers - downloading and making Opendesk designs all over the world, every day.