AtFAB / One to Several Table

Designed for working, dining and meeting, the One to Several Table is comprised of 13 interlocking pieces. It is a lightweight and stable structure that relies on a torsion box top and a rotationally symmetrical arrangement of diagonal legs.

The desk-size version of the table requires 2 4’x8’ sheets of material with enough space leftover to cut a few Rotational Stools. The Table can be accessorised with a 3D printed Peg & Foot Kit, which can be found at AtFAB’s Thingiverse page.

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Dimensions: length: 1800mm, height: 750mm, width: 900mm.
Cutting sheets (fits on): 1 sheet
Sheet thickness: 3/4”
Mastered in: imperial units

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial
Categories: Tables
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