Our new product ID system, allowing you to track the history of your Opendesk product through design, making and its life thereafter. Each piece of furniture has been on its own unique journey, find out about yours here…

Breakout Table version BKO-000001

Designed by Joni Steiner and Josh Worley (London UK)
Made by Lucid Machine Art (San Francisco USA)
License : CC-BY

Designed in London, UK

Opendesk, London, 15.11.14
The Breakout Table was designed by Josh Worley and Joni Steiner during Opendesk’s time at startup accelerator Wayra. As a standing height varient of the Team Desk by Joni Steiner, the table was originally designed in response to a brief set by transaction app company Yoyo, who were looking for a table that would become the social ‘hub’ of their office.

It was important that the Breakout Table design variant echoed the design language of the original Team Desk. In this way, Joni and Josh co-authored a new product, based around the aesthetic principles set in the original Team Desk design.

The design process involved a meticulous sketching and model making process, constantly referencing the Team Desk design and transferring many features into the Breakout Table varient.

Making the product ID tags

Prototyping the product ID tags at Machines Room, London UK.

Each tag was cut on a CNC machine before tiles were individually engraved on a laser cutter.

The first set of prototype ID tags, ready to be installed in Opendesk furniture.

Made in San Francisco, USA

Lucid Machine Art, San Francisco, 15.05.16
Breakout Table BKO-000001 was made by Rob Ehret and his design / fabrication workshop Lucid Machine Art in San Francisco. Digital files were sent to Rob, enabling him to download the Breakout Table and fabricate it in his workshop. Rob joined Opendesk’s network of independent makers in May 2015 and has been manufacturing products for customers in the bay area since.

Breakout Table BKO-000001 in fabrication on Lucid Machine Arts CNC milling machine in San Francisco.

Delivered to Opendesk at Forge DevCon 2016

Opendesk, Forge DevCon 2016, June 15-16
Breakout Table BKO-000001 was delivered to Opendesk’s exhibit stand at the Forge DevCon 2016 in San Francisco.