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This set is an arrangement of one Edie Table and three Edie Stools onto one cutting sheet. Designed originally for designer Joni Steiner’s 2-year old niece, Edie, the set is perfect for young children to eat or play around.

The table doubles up as an adult coffee table. The designs for the set prototyped the use of lego-style friction fastenings and is available to download and get made as a set (cost efficiently, due to the single cutting sheet layout), or to download individually as the Edie Table or Edie Stool.

Note that, because the Edie range is designed specially for home assembly, the set is only offered to buy in sawn or flatpack forms (i.e.: is not available assembled).

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Dimensions: the table has length: 650mm, width: 675mm and height: 450mm; the stool has radius: 150mm and height 285mm.
Cutting sheets (fits on): 1 sheet
Sheet thickness: 18mm
Mastered in: metric units

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial
Categories: Seating, Tables
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