How it Works
OpenDesk uses digital fabrication to connect you directly with designers and makers.

OpenDesk is a global platform for local making. You can use it to download, make and buy furniture for your work space.

OpenDesk has a global network of makers and a collection of furniture by a range of international designers. Because that furniture is designed for digital fabrication, it can be downloaded as a digital file and made locally — on demand, anywhere in the world.

We call this "Open Making":

We're focusing first on furniture — and particularly work space furniture — because it's the best fit for current digital fabrication technology. However, furniture is just the tip of the iceberg. As new technologies develop and local making capacity increases, we want to see great design being made locally all around the world.

We'd love you to join us in making this a reality. If you know anyone who you think would be interested in OpenDesk, especially if they're a designer, maker or looking to fit out a work space, please do tell them about us.

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