Team Desk

Team Desk

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Team Desk - agile working never looked so good

A slim version of the original Lean Desk, our Team Desk is a space efficient workstation. At 950mm wide it’s the perfect desk for nimble teamwork- from meetings to hot desking.

Much like its bigger sibling, the Team Desk has continuous central cable management running the full length of the desk. There’s ample room for extension leads, plug boards and chargers (including the large Apple Macbook chargers). 2 removable cable covers keep messy wiring out of sight and allow cabling to be accessed when needed.

Our favourite Team Desk is 2400mm long and 950mm wide with room for 4 people using laptops or other light working paraphernalia. Take advantage of our tailoring service to choose any length between 1200mm and 2400mm should you require something a little different.

Team Desk

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