The Zip Tie Lounge Chair, designed in 2013 by Will Holman, is a sleek, laid-back armchair made of plywood panels that are sewn together with zip ties. The chair’s articulated back conforms to the body, moving with you as you relax into it.

The whole design requires just 16 square feet of plywood, with a flat-pack frame that’s held together with nothing but zip ties. This allows you to assemble it without any tools and, with only nine parts, the chair can be taken apart just as easily as it goes together. Perfect for a warehouse reception or informal meeting area.

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Dimensions: depth: 26” (657mm), height: 24” (610mm), seat-height (max): 16-1/2” (420mm), width: 20-1/2” (521mm).
Cutting sheets (fits on): 1 sheet
Sheet thickness: 3/4”
Mastered in: imperial units

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial
Categories: Seating
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