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Eddycrest Co.

CNC Routing. Experts with Baltic Birch

CNC Routing from our independent shop in South-western Ontario. Founded in 2008, Eddycrest found their niche making Sewing and Quilting tables to ensure people are organized and comfortable while they sew. The growth in the sewing industry sparked the introduction of a CNC Router with 10-Tool Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) in 2012 to cut, drill, label and mark the hardware for the components of their own designs. The comfort with the CNC has allowed Eddycrest to venture into custom CNC work and Fab work Opendesk. In 2017, Eddycrest is planning to increase our custom offerings through the acquisition of a CNC Laser used to label and intricately engrave items from our sewing and games lines (most specifically Eddycrest Crokinole Boards).