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ERNE AG Holzbau

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ERNE AG Holzbau is a provider of wood, module and system construction solutions. It also provides window and façade systems and interior design solutions. Digital three-dimensional design, materials expertise in wood, metal and glass as well as hybrid constructions, traditional craftsmanship, and a mastery of overall performance enable difficult construction projects to be executed with fixed deadlines and costs. In collaboration with architects and designers we build temporary and permanent buildings that are both sustainable and ecological. At the beginning of 2015, Europe's largest robotic construction component manufacturing system was put into operation. With a 48-metre processing length, this multifunctional tool is breaking new ground in the field of architecture and design. Three dimensional building and component planning models make it possible to develop completely new forms for structures, roofs, walls and façades. ERNE AG Holzbau has three production sites in Switzerland and sales offices throughout Switzerland and in Germany. ERNE AG Holzbau is part of the ERNE group, established in 1906. It became an independent corporation in 1965.