Opendesk is a mission-led organisation. The core values that support and enable our mission form our Charter. We commit to:

# 1. Embracing Design & Technology to deliver positive change

1.1 We’re design-led and we believe in ‘technology with purpose’:

For us, design and technology are equally important enablers. We commit to combining design & tech to deliver genuinely valuable, innovative and equitable outcomes.

1.2 We embrace an inclusive, multi-disciplinary approach:

We believe value is borne out of discourse, not generated in silos. We commit to facilitating open collaboration between Designers, Makers, Engineers and Technologists.

1.3 We’re data-driven, but we also value empathy and delight in great design:

We love empirical evidence but we know that great design sometimes defies statistical definitions. We commit to make informed, balanced decisions based on both quantitative and qualitative feedback.

# 2. Practicing Openness, not just open source

2.1 We’re committed to Openness in everything we do:

For us ‘open’ isn’t just about about intellectual property. We commit to an Openness that is Transparent and Trustworthy; Fair and Equitable; Inclusive and Accessible; Supportive and Empowering; Plural and Inviting.

2.2 We operate a ‘default open’ business model:

We operate an open and equitable business model for the benefit of makers, designers and customers alike. We commit to share how value is distributed across our network.

2.3 We believe in supporting the creative commons through freedom of choice:

We are huge fans of open source but we will never impose this on others or moralise about it. We commit to supporting the freedom of our community to choose how their creative outputs are shared in the public domain.

# 3. Putting People & Planet first

3.1 We believe in treating our Partners as equals:

We are reliant on the craft of local furniture makers and the ingenuity and inventiveness of talented designers. We commit to supporting independent designers and makers and ensuring their benefit is proportional to ours.

3.2 We believe that Technology should serve Us, not the other way around:

We believe in harnessing technology to unlock people’s skills and creativity. We commit to providing new opportunities to generate value for our community, rather than replacing jobs through robotic automation.

3.3 We always operate with respect and advocate a Conscious approach:

This includes the environment, wider society, and ourselves. We operate under fair employment practices, family-friendly values and with a relational salary model. We commit to treating everybody equitably, making demonstrably balanced choices and interrogating the decisions we make to assess their impact.

# 4. Replacing ‘Business as Usual’ with ‘Business as Mutual’

4.1 We’re challenging established models of production to build something better:

We aspire to replace opaque supply chains with transparent and human-centered value chains. We commit to distributing all the commercial activity we generate through our network so that the benefits are shared.

4.2 Our community sits at the core of our business and brand:

We don’t own a factory because we want to distribute manufacturing - to replace a single factory with the many faces of independent makers. We commit to making independent designers and makers the heroes of our story and showcasing the richness and diversity of local production.

4.3 We constantly challenge ourselves to share, learn and improve:

As a company we push for continuous innovation stemming from individual, team and company-wide initiatives. We commit to seizing every opportunity to explore new ideas for improving our model and delivering on our promise and never letting fear of the unknown stand in our way.

# 5. Nurturing Personal & Platform growth

5.1 We support personal growth and development, in our team and in others:

We will support each other and our community to both do and be better. We commit to caring for one another and providing practical and pastoral support, whilst sharing our knowledge and nurturing our partners and wider community through educational programmes.

5.2 We value a growth mindset and lifelong learning:

We strive for self-improvement, whilst openly sharing, listening, teaching and learning. We individually commit to evaluating our personal progress, openly sharing our aspirations, fears, experiences and insights, and constructively challenging our established views in the hopes of unlocking our full creative potential.

5.3 We recognise the importance of growth metrics:
We believe in validated learning to achieve sustainable platform and business growth and we measure to understand. We commit to measuring as much as possible in our day to day work, interrogating our data regularly, openly interpreting results, and sharing our insights.

# 6. Always acting with Honesty and Integrity

6.1 We make our commitments public and hold each other to account:

Our mission and the principles behind it (embodied in this Charter) are all in the public domain. We commit to holding each other accountable to uphold these values.

6.2 We won’t be afraid to make mistakes or ask for a helping hand:

We know that we won’t always get things right or have all the answers. We commit to honestly accepting our mistakes, openly sharing our challenges, and working together to address them.

6.3 We will never compromise on Integrity:

We will only ever pursue, consider, enact or implement things that we are happy to publicly share openly with confidence. We commit to ‘only ever doing things that we’re happy to stand on stage and shout about!’.