# Introduction

We’re always sharing resources to help our community of makers, designers, and fans. Explore our list of resources and see what you think. If we’re missing something that you would like to see, let us know!

# Your maker profile

At Opendesk, we’re redefining manufacturing as a local act and a social enterprise. We want every customer to experience this in an entirely new way. Every customer should be able to meet their maker and feel a very human connection with the real people crafting their furniture. To do this, we require specific photography, video and copy from every maker who wishes to be part of the network. Setting up your maker profile with beautiful photography and video is the first step in becoming a pro Opendesk maker. We’ve put together detail guides on exactly what photography and video you will need, how to create it and how to send it to us for review.

# Documenting your projects

Every time you receiving a job through Opendesk, we want to use this as an opportunity to promote you and your workshop. To do this, we need you to document your work by taking photographs at key stages of the making process. We can use this photography to enhance your reputation on Opendesk and drive more interest to your maker profile. We’ve put together a guide on how to document your projects.

# Maker onboarding

Opendesk’s mission is to ‘Hero’ the maker, after all they are the ones producing the furniture. To protect the reputation of Opendesk and our network of makers, we need to make sure everyone that signs up is able to uphold that reputation by delivering great products. We do this using a three stage onboarding process.