# The Design Brief

The design brief is intended to be shared primarily with external designers. It should inform on the criteria that the design will be assessed against.

The brief should include the following information:

  1. Introduction - who is Opendesk and why are we reaching out for new designs:
    • What our organisation does - Opendesk is an online platform for distributed manufacturing. We connect customers to maker to produce furniture local to where they’re needed.
    • How long have we been established for - Opendesk started in 2014 with the crazy idea that soon all furniture will be able to be made on demand locally thanks to a global network of makers and customers
    • What is our niche market - We focus on workspace furniture with a crossover with home/office furniture.
    • Why are we publishing a design brief and inviting designers to submit work - Our aim is to bring the designs of emerging, independent designers to global distribution.
  2. Object Typology -_e.g desk, storage, seating.
  3. Use, what is the product for - e.g movable and lockable storage unit for A4 filing
  4. Target audience - e.g co working space or home office user
  5. Key features - e.g cable management, integrated storage.
  6. Product offering - e.g sold as part of a range or by itself, in batches of 2, as a set, etc.
  7. Material and process - e.g birch plywood / CNC manufacture
  8. Price point - this can be estimated by number of sheets involved and complexity of cut and assembly in combination with the analysis of competitor products.
  9. Submission deliverables - e.g concept board, cutting file, 3D model… etc
  10. Deadline - e.g submission close 7th September 2019
  11. General outcome - e.g the selected product will be published on opendesk.cc and the designer listed alongside the current designers. To do so you will be working with our in-house Design Engineering team to prototype, iterate and improve your design.
  12. Marketing outcome - e.g the selected designer will be featured on our social medias and benefit from global exposure.