Follow the instruction to be features on Opendesk Blog

# 1. Submit blog

You would like to be featured on Opendesk’s blog:
1. I have a an idea/text to share with the Opendesk community, submit it here.
2. I am a maker and would like to share my story, please submit it here.

# 2. What is our internal process?

  1. Please go through our briefs and add your copy and imagery
  2. We go through a matrix using your content in order to define in which category it fits and its priority
  3. If needed we set up a physical/virtual meeting with you
  4. Our team work on putting together your blog post on our system
  5. Your post is then being approved
  6. We schedule the release date on our internal giant calendar and inform you of the date so we can plan a common release
  7. We share on our social media/email your post
  8. We will send you a report of your blog’s performances

Our internal Matrix

Our internal Trello blog board

# Examples

Flick through our blog section

# Get in touch

If after all that you still have some questions please drop us a line at or on social media.
You would like to help us improve this service, have any critic or just love it, please leave us your feedback here.