# Introduction

Welcome to Opendesk, it’s great to have you join us and our ever growing community!

Our mission is to build the world’s most equitable & distributed supply chain and we believe that starts with local making and you the makers.

To deliver a great customer experience and protect the reputation of Opendesk and our network of makers, we need to make sure everyone that signs up is able to uphold that reputation by delivering great products. So we have developed a three stage onboarding process. These moderation stages are designed to largely reflect the Opendesk job process, so when your first job comes in you’ll already be familiar with how we work.

The stages are:

  • Qualification - Pre-flight checks that makes sure you have everything required to be an Opendesk maker.
  • Establish price - You’ll be asked to submit some key information that we use to design and improve the platform, you’ll do an estimation for one of our designs, and you’ll be given guidelines for producing great media content to accompany your maker profile.
  • Fabrication - Learning how typical jobs are conducted once the order has been agreed, we’ll ask you to make a Studio Desk in order to evaluate your competency and your timings.

The whole process takes approximately a day to complete end to end. Once complete, provided you meet the standard required, you will have a profile live on the Opendesk website and you will be ready to start receiving enquiries as we get them in your local area.

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