# Introduction

Stage 1 is about verifying you have the equipment and experience necessary to produce furniture through Opendesk. Opendesk hosts a wide range of designs that is constantly growing. These are submitted by designers all over the world and curated into a range of solutions for the workplace furniture market. Despite this variety, most share some common attributes, these form the essential requirements to currently be an Opendesk maker.

# How it works

Examine the list of requirements below closely to see if you have what we’re looking for.

Essential requirements:

  • Minimum of an 8’x4’ (2440mmx1220mm) 3 axis CNC router.
  • Access to FSC or equivalent Baltic Birch, B/BB, 3B, or S/BB grade quality)
  • Able to do double sided cutting.
  • Able to work with laminated plywood.
  • Able to sand to a fine furniture finish (at least grit 320).
  • Have the facilities to oil or spray finish furniture.
  • Provide in-house or outsource delivery and on-site assembly.

# What to do next

If you meet the above requirements you can proceed to Stage 2 by clicking the button below.

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If you don’t meet these requirements but would still like to be registered on Fabhub, sign up here

Any questions? Email makers@opendesk.cc