# Introduction

In this stage, you will cover the fabrication steps for a typical Opendesk job.

# How it works

You will make a Studio desk in the Fabrication section.
You will submit the photography content you generate from making the Studio desk and your workshop and team.
You will review your estimate from Stage 2 against your actual timing in Fabrication and provide a revised estimate to Opendesk.

# Quote accepted

If a customer accepts your quote, the account manager for the enquiry will then issue them an invoice for the job and inform you the quote has been accepted. Once payment has been made you will recieve a PO from Opendesk confirming the job details and then be introduced via email to the customer in order to arrange final details of the job and delivery.

If the quote is not accepted the account manager will inform you and send you feedback as to why.

# Fabrication

Once you have received a PO from Opendesk. You should then proceed to order the material for the job. When it’s delivered, select the sheet for the job and measure the average thickness of the sheet. The majority of Opendesk designs are available in 17.5mm - 18.5mm thickness, so once you have your measurement request the specific thickness fileset corresponding to your sheet thickness from your account manager.

For this exercise we have provided all the thickness files in one folder for download.

You should now manufacture the Studio Desk according to the included Product Specification Document . Record the timings for each step and take photographs from each step so that you can compare against your estimations in Stage 2, and gather photographs to demonstrate the quality of the Studio Desk.

Download thickness files

# Content submission

From the Fabrication section you should have some photographs of the Studio Desk, your team and your workshop to use in your maker profile. Once you are ready to submit the content. Email makers@opendesk.cc with the subject line, Content Ready: “Your Maker name”

We need two strong images for your profile. Its best to send us a few to choose from so pick 5-10 of your favourites and attach them to the email.

# Quote review

Now that you have completed the desk you should have the actual timings to compare against your initial quote timings. Please fill in the actual timings in the enquiry spreadsheet. Please note where there was issues during the actual timings that you feel would not be there in future projects.

Email your completed spreadsheet to makers@opendesk.cc with the subject line, Quote: “Your Maker name”

# What happens next?

We will review the content and details you have submitted. If you meet the requirements to be an Opendesk maker, we will create your profile, publish you live on Opendesk and you will start receiving enquiries as we get them. If we feel you have some areas that could be improved we will be in touch to provide feedback.

Any questions? Email makers@opendesk.cc