# 1. Receiving Enquiries

The Opendesk purchasing experience enables customers to request quotes for a basket of products selected from the Opendesk.cc website. The customer receives three quotes from local makers within 24 hours of their initial request. They can then choose to accept one of the three quotes or decide not to purchase their basket.

What does that mean for makers? Theoretically you have a 25% chance of winning every enquiry. Our data tells us you can significantly increase your chances by tweaking some of the influencing factors (response time, lead time, price, website, etc) in the purchase decision.

We highly recommend considering the following:

  • Stored pricing for the Opendesk product range (with this you only need to approve delivery costs and lead time, which speeds up the process for all involved and increases the likelihood of conversion)

  • Keep response times to Opendesk enquiries to within 12 hours if possible

  • Respond to enquiries with a “Not at this time thanks” even if you can’t take the job

  • Review your pricing in relation to other local makers

# 2. Providing Quotes

Quotes should be provided in the correct format, this enables us to standardise quotes and in the future use prediction models to automatically generate quotes for you to approve on customisations and new products, significantly reducing the time required from makers.

Follow the format in the Google Sheet you will be sent, see below, get in touch if you need any support filling in the quote sheet.

Quote format

Material: Unless otherwise specified, B/BB 18mm Baltic Birch Plywood 8’x4’
Machining: All time included in setting up, loading, machining, and cleaning down the machine
Finishing: All time included in sanding, and oiling of the parts
Assembly: All time included in the subassembly of components such as gluing dowelled components and the dry test fitting of products prior to delivery
Hardware: Price of hardware components used in the product
Delivery: Price of delivery and installation of the products on site.

# 3. Winning the Job

If your quote is accepted by the client, they will be asked to make payment immediately. Once payment is received you will receive a PO form Opendesk that confirms the job can start at which point you should:

  • Order the required materials

  • Request the correct material thickness files from Opendesk

  • Contact the customer to inform them that the order is progressing on schedule

  • Define a delivery date and agree delivery arrangements, time of day, access, parking, etc

Upon delivery of the order to the client,

  • Take some images of the products for your own records and as proof of the condition once assembled

  • If you wish to take some images for your own promotional use, please ask the client’s permission before doing so.

  • Please notify the Account Manager once delivered so they can close the order and issue your payment.

  • Completion photos are currently optional but are really appreciated

  • We appreciate your feedback following completion of each job

  • We also send a feedback form to the customer following completion