# Introduction

Our guide for creating awesome photography of your workshop for use on your Opendesk maker profile. Compelling photography is the first way to stand out on Opendesk. Follow the guide below and use the submission form at the bottom of the page to submit your images. We’ll talk you through everything from the types of shots you’ll need, the equipment you’ll need and what image format to send us.

You should allow 2.5hrs to create the photography outlined in this guide

# How it works

  • Follow guide and take photographs on your camera.
  • Send images to Opendesk in JPEG or RAW format through our submission form.
  • Our team will optimise your images and upload to your profile.

# Why

2.5 hrs may seem like a lot of time but it is well worth it for the return we hope it will bring. This photography will allow each maker to have an identity on Opendesk. Customers can use this content to ‘meet’ you, learn about the workshop and ultimately decide if they would like to get their furniture made with you.

# What you’ll need

One of the following

  • DSLR camera If your lucky enough to have one of these and know how to use it (or perhaps you have a friend you could call on who has one) this is a great way to take beautiful photography.
  • iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, 6s, 7 Not everyone has a DSLR but don’t worry. If you or someone on your team has an iPhone (5, 5s, SE, 6, 6s, 7) then you will be able to take fantastic photography.
  • Android smartphones Modern high-end android phones (Sony, Samsung in particular) from the last 2 years will also take fantastic images.
  • Tripod If you have one of these it will really help with the quality of your images. Don’t panic if you don’t, just make sure the person taking the photographs has a steady hand!

# Getting started

Go through the workshop and tidy up any mess. It’s important your workshop looks real, so don’t tidy too much. Just get rid of anything that will be offputting in any photographs you take.

If your device is able to store image files in RAW format, make sure you take advantage of this in the settings menu.

Set up your device

# Key principles

Follow the 4 principles below to ensure your photography always looks and feels right.

People: We want to see you and your team active, not pictures of an empty workshop and machines.

Places: Where are you in the world and how can your pictures give a customer a sense of locality. You are local to your customers so let them see how nearby you really are!

Process: Make an Opendesk product during your photoshoot so the workshop activities are relevant.

Personality: What makes you, your team and your workshop different? Perhaps it’s something unusual about your workshop.


Turn that frown upside down! Make sure you and the team look happy. It makes a huge difference!

# Shot list

Outlined below is a list of shots we require from you. Use the sample images provided to get an idea of how your photographs should look and feel. Remember, take as many photographs as you can! The more we have to work with the better.

The team & workshop exterior

Gather the team outside the workshop in the middle of the day and take a photograph. Try to capture as much of the building as possible but make sure you can still clearly see the team. Make sure everyone is smiling and looking happy!

This photograph is great. You get a real feel for the workshop building and the happy team.

This photograph is not so great! Without the team we’re just looking at an empty building.

The team & workshop interior

Gather the team inside the workshop so the tools and machines in the space act as a backdrop. Again, try to capture as much of the workshop as possible. Make sure everyone is smiling and looking happy!

This photograph is great. You get a real feel for the small team and can clearly see their workshop.

This photograph is also great. The team looks happy and approachable.

Team headshots

These are really important! They will be used to showcase the team as small icons on your profile page and really help build trust between you and a customer. Make sure everyone is smiling and looking happy! Try to photograph anyone from the team who will be involved in Opendesk projects, even the workshop hound! Photograph each member of the team individually in front of a background such as a wall, door, material rack (something that looks workshoppy). Make sure you capture them from the nipple line up and ensure their entire head is in the frame.

The bustling workshop

Photograph the workshop in action with the team hard at work. Try to give a real sense of the size, layout, and activity in your workshop. Don’t simply photograph an empty workshop!

This photograph is great at showing activity in the workshop.

This photograph gives an excellent overview of the workshop with the team at work.

Making Opendesk furniture

Photograph the team crafting Opendesk furniture. This will really help demonstrate the care and attention you put into each piece of furniture you make.

This photograph is great at capturing the skill, care and attention of the team.

What’s different about your workshop

Walk around the workshop and photograph anything that looks a little different. This could be a tool wall, recent project or material rack. Anything that looks a little different!

Get creative and photograph anything that looks a little different!

# Submit

Now you’ve taken your beautiful photographs, you’re ready to send them to our team so we can optimise them and upload to your profile.


# Support

If you would like help with your maker profile photography, contact Josh our content wiz. He’ll be happy to provide support.