Design furniture to suit your style

The Edie set was designed by brothers Joni and David Steiner, for their niece, Edie, who was then 18 months old. Launched in the UK through the Design Museum’s Future is Here exhibition, the pieces are designed to be simple to finish and put-together, with cutting sheets mastered to create “air-fix” style snap out pieces – aimed at folks who enjoy the satisfaction of finishing something by hand.

If making yourself or finishing from sawn, we recommend using wood glue, fine sandpaper and Osmo oil in a satin finish. This gives a natural look whilst being quite hardwearing, and it’s relatively easy to get a nice finish with a few coats & a bit of very light sanding between each one.

Alternatively, you could paint a colour, probably best to use a satinwood or equivalent for robustness – but best to make sure it’s a child-friendly product!