Digital Ocean are one of the world’s fastest growing technology companies. They dropped a bomb on the professional web hosting market in late 2012 with a product offering high performance, flexible web hosting at the radically disruptive price of just $5 per month for a virtual private server.

With such a game changing product, they grew meteorically in 2013, riding a huge surge in demand from developers that saw their web-facing computers grow by 5,000% in the first 6 months of 2013.

This success brought with it challenges. To scale their core product and customer support they needed to scale their team, which meant, in turn, that they needed to expand and fit out a new office, based in New York’s Lower Manhattan.

Moisey Uretsky, Digital Ocean’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer explains:

We found ourselves growing very rapidly from 12 people at the end of 2012 to over 50 in 2013. We ended up moving offices and then expanding and wanted to provide a great environment for our engineers to work.

We certainly had the mentality of a boot-strapped startup but we wanted something that would provide more continuity in the office space than a collection of Ikea desks. Opendesk seemed like a great solution. The layout of the tables encourages pair-programming by having two people share each side, and we had already laid out our office which allowed us to literally drop these tables into the existing floor plan.

Since we’ve had to do a lot of expanding it was great to also not have to “screw” anything together. The interlocking design allows us to setup and breakdown tables extremely quickly.

We’re huge fans of working with natural materials and the fit and finish of the tables is fantastic. It’s also designed for a modern work space and provides cable trays built into the desk. Most importantly with an open design we were also able to download the specs and make some modifications that we thought would better fit our specific needs.

At Opendesk, we were delighted to tweak the Lean Desk design for Digital Ocean and proud to play a small part in facilitating the growth of a world leading company.

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