The Hub Westminster is a 12,000 square foot super studio for the new economy – a co-working space and startup community in the heart of London.

Meeting tables in use at the Hub.

Co-founder Alice Fung, explains how they approached fitting out the work space with Opendesks:

We started the network of Hubs in London in 2005 and today there are more than 25 around the world.

When designing the third space in London, Hub Westminster, we critically looked at furniture, to see if we could raise the bar. Not only were we looking for design that fitted the innovative character of the Hub, but would also be practical, sturdy and be made from responsibly sourced materials.

We decided on Opendesk’s designs because we believe in the merits of local manufacturing and their use of natural, sustainable materials. But above all we love the designs! We regularly get asked by visitors and members where we got these desks & tables - we just point them to the Opendesk website…

We decided on four desks in our library area, some 20 ‘Meeting’ tables scattered around the member areas, 15 Cafe tables in the ‘vistor’ area and the Opendesk guys designed some custom variants for us as well.

Now, a year later, we’re still thrilled with the choice and will be commisioning more in the future!

Opendesk is now based at the Hub Westminster where we’re actively trialling and refining new designs, including storage units, a folding desk and private / phone booths, etc.

Cafe tables in the entrance / meeting area.

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