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A different approach to design furniture

Designed to be downloaded and made locally, Opendesk furniture cuts out the middlemen and logistics of the murky global supply chain, providing a more direct and personal option. You get all the benefits of designer furniture without the long lead times and designer price tag – and you get to personalise designs to suit your brand and environment.

  • Buying from Opendesk puts money directly into the pockets of independent designers and makers and creates more local jobs, transforming a typically impersonal buying experience into something altogether more human.

  • Local makers make Opendesk furniture on demand. This cuts the delivery and lead time of a designer fit out to 1-4 weeks, as opposed to the 8-12 weeks typically quoted by traditional suppliers.

  • Opendesk cuts out logistical costs and reduces the markup on retail and shipping by as much as 300% – with products typically coming in 50% cheaper than other designer brands.

  • Opendesk products are made locally, reducing the environmental impact of transport and logistics. We always recommend using wooden sheet materials from sustainable, FSC-certified sources.

  • Because our furniture is made on-demand, it can be personalised to your brand and environment, for example by milling your logo into the design or tailoring product dimensions to your exact space.