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Design Applications: Reopening January 2017

We’re not currently onboarding new designs to the Opendesk platform. You can still submit your designs, and we’ll get back to you in next year.

Onboarding Process

Opendesk curates a collection of carefully selected workspace furniture — where that furniture is designed to be made locally by professional CNC makers anywhere in the world.

If you design products that can be made reliably and repeatably by CNC machining wooden sheet materials, you can apply to have your designs listed in the Opendesk collection. You sell under your own name and brand and — within the structure of our business model — you set your own pricing for commercial and non-commercial use, choose your own license terms and retain all the rights to your work, including the right to sell anywhere else.

Our global network of professional makers deliver each product to order, working from your digital files.

Start your application

Enter your details below, including both a CAD model and example cutting file and we'll be in touch to follow up. We personally look over all the designs that we receive and assess them against the following principles:

  • is it a workspace design (i.e: office or home office)?
  • how ready is the CAD for production?
  • has it been made / prototyped already?
  • can it be made with standard skills, equipment and materials?
  • is the design efficient in terms of material use?
  • does the design visually reflect the efficiency of its production?

For more information see the FAQs and the field guide

Thanks! You should now receive an email with information about the next steps. In the meantime, you may find it useful to consult our technical documentation website »