Tailor-made: furniture that fits (part 1)

There's now more opportunity than ever to alter the size of Opendesk furniture to suit your individual needs.


Meet the Makers: Wilder Creative in London

Building a maker community - and lots of Opendesk furniture - in Leyton, East London.


Augmented reality meets distributed manufacturing

AR meets local, distributed furniture production with Opendesk, VRTX Labs and Apple iOS 12


Ode to the Digital Commons, embracing abundance

Pt.2 How we can remove the hobbles of Copyright and embrace the abundance of digital work.


Ode to the Digital Commons, the Copyright conundrum

Pt.1 The digital age fundamentally changes the way cultural and creative industries work.


2017’s best reads

We published 77 articles during 2017! Here's a curated list of our ten favorite reads.


Bitesize insights from 2017

We look back on a busy 2017 and share some of our favourite insights from the year.


Meet the Makers: Andy from Superfab

Where amazing design, old school craft and new age digital tooling come together.


The Concept Space+ for Students by UBS

Inside the UBS Concept Space for students offering co-working, events and a taste of the digital banking world.


In Flight: design and reinvigoration in Denver

A conversation with design studio, Wunder Werkz, on local, sustainable design in downtown Denver.


Meet the Makers: Scott at Housefish

From Formula One cars to furniture design and building businesses based on ethical supply chains.


Opendesk x Google: Meet Project Jack

What is a flexible space? The answer from Google exists in the form of a moveable, modular meeting room.